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Express Document Cover


Provide good security protection for photo sending business, but also for express mail, post office, express, electronic network, direct mail enterprises and other industries.

Specifications and shapes can be customized according to customer requirements

Commonly used material: 250GSM ~ 600GSM, grey white board paper, white cardboard, cow cardboard, etc.

Specifications: according to customer requirements, minimum 60*100mm maximum 300*420mm;

Printing color: single color, multi-color printing (support exquisite patterns);

Special process: secondary use, wall raising, window opening, multi-product combination, etc., the appearance design is dexterous and diverse;

Featured products: windowing document seal, easy to tear document seal, three-dimensional document seal, etc.;

Can meet the special product manual packaging;

Support FSC paper, and can be printed with FSC logo;

Packing smooth, safe and reliable;

Fully protect products from damage;

Beautiful printing can increase the interest of products, improve the aesthetic sense;

With environmental value, the source of paper can be traced;

Improve the high-end value of products;

Improve the publicity effect of enterprises;

Increase customer trust in your products;

Enhance the concept of environmental protection;