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3D File Envelope


The purpose of the envelope is to insert a single page or sample into the envelope to form an integrated set of document materials

The size of the cover is usually 6 open or 4 open, and the size of the cover is slightly larger than the size of the insert. If the content of the insert is more, it needs to leave a certain thickness.

After printing, the cover should be covered with film or oil to protect ink and improve strength. After printing, die cutting and bonding the finished product. Some sleeve socket can also do business card socket, can also choose to do the right one or two socket.

* 400g white card material, strong and durable;

* Double-sided red printing, single-sided laminating, hit concave font;

* Customized to add characteristic elements (Chinese knot);

* Three-dimensional wall design, larger capacity.

* White card material instead of plastic material, durable, more in line with the needs of environmental protection;

* Upgrade the product grade and highlight the policyholder's taste in purchasing policies;

* More beautiful than ordinary insurance cover, terminal use more preservation significance.