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TENSION_TENSIONASIA_Envelope_ Optical_Lens Envelope_packaging_automation

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Other Paper Products


All kinds of text product printing, suitable for different application scenarios, to meet the needs of daily publicity, recording, packaging and so on.

Propaganda fold: commonly used paper 128-210 g/m2

                             FSC paper selection

                             High quality printing, exquisite layout

                             Multiple folding options to meet your various needs

Note paper: Conventional double-adhesive paper, or 200~400g thick paper;

                    Can use FSC paper;

                    Different color paper can be;

                    Beautiful pattern printing, and with laminating and other processes

Report paper: Offset paper 80 ~ 120g;

                       Printing: high quality ink;

                        Size: 17.5 * 11.7 ", 8.5 ", 11.7 * 9.3, 12 * 9.25 ", 14.9 x 11 ", A4.

                        Folding packing;

Card cover: Specification: minimum 45*80mm, maximum 430*540mm;

                   Chinese style envelope design;

                   Choose 250g paper, with the laminating process;

File bag: Thickened kraft paper 200-250g,

               Printing: high-definition printing to meet different printing needs;

               Size can be customized

Enhance visual experience;

Enhance product value;

Meet environmental requirements;

Select materials to ensure quality;

High quality printing, product surface white and delicate, smooth and clear;

Precise cutting, smooth and neat;

Integrated production process, strict implementation of SOP quality standards;

A variety of back width, strong rope;