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Gift Box


Gift box is a practical gift package which is equipped with the main purpose of presenting gifts to relatives and friends to express affection, and it is an extension of the function of packaging method needed by society. Gift box is the embodiment of the heart, we made love love gifts or buy goods, without exception are a can reflect the effect of packaging, or romantic, mysterious, or surprise, or shock, when you open it slowly open the secrets of your heart are forest, show him that you want to express different thoughts.

Compared with other materials, general gift boxes choose paper packaging, which is related to Chinese traditional culture, we have a romantic feelings in our hearts, as if this can express the solemn affection in our hearts. With the design of a variety of handbag, that is to advocate a comfortable experience, and green environmental protection, the paper packaging evolution to the extreme.

Customizable or pre-designed;

Thick paper card material;

A variety of process selection, suitable for high-grade product packaging;

Better protection products, pressure resistance and impact resistance;

Rich visual effects;

Improve corporate image;