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TENSION_TENSIONASIA_Envelope_ Optical_Lens Envelope_packaging_automation

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Product Packaging


Tension offers a range of custom seed envelopes with graphics and print options from monochrome to four-color processes. Paper options include standard white yarns, colored yarns, coated raw materials and recycled paper. Standard seed envelope styles are also available for custom imprinting.

Tension offers a variety of parts bags, using thicker kraft paper bags for high strength. Suitable for hardware, parts factory packaging all kinds of small tool parts, suitable for retailers in retail packaging.

Tension provides ink holder bags with special paper, waterproof, high strength, unbreakable, convenient for ink box manufacturers to recycle empty ink boxes for reuse, cost saving, and environmental protection.

Tension offers CD/DVD bags with double adhesive paper. Suitable for CD/DVD of different sizes, protection products, to meet the requirements of high-speed packaging.

A solid quality;

Various paper options;

Custom design;

Protection and packaging of various products;

Multiple printing functions;

Improve customer satisfaction;