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Standard Envelopes


Standard envelopes generally use 80g-120g double adhesive paper, kraft paper (natural kraft paper, white kraft paper), according to different functions, but also useful art paper, coated paper, special paper and so on.

Top left zip box: gold red color, color code PT1795C;

Position: DL, ZL envelope 9mm from the top, 12mm from the left;

C5, C4 envelope distance from the top 15mm, 25mm from the left;

Stamp office postmark: 8mm from the top, 8mm from the right;

Supervision seal on the back: position 20mm from the edge;

Patterns can be designed according to customer requirements, the company also provides professional design.

Generally, the window size is 100 (length) x40 (width) mm. The front side of the window opening position is 25mm away from the left side and 50mm away from the bottom. The size and position can also be changed according to customized requirements.

Domestic envelope standard (front length x width) :

No. 2 (B6) :176×125mm

No.5 (DL) :220×110mm

No.6 (ZL) :230×120mm

No.7 (C5) :229 x 162mm

No.9 (C4) :324×229mm

International Standard for Envelopes (Front length x Width) :

B6 :176 X 125mm

DL :220 X 110mm

ZL  :230 X 120mm

C6 :162 X 114mm

C5  :229 X 162mm

C4 :324 X 229mm

Professional production of all kinds of international standard envelopes, the average monthly production capacity can reach 60-80 million envelopes, comply with customer brand standards, with unparalleled quality and rapid packaging ability;

Suitable for postal, banking, finance, insurance companies, mobile, telecom, Unicom, photo printing, medicine, agriculture, hardware and other industries;